Equine Services

Reproduction Services

Reproductive consultations are routinely carried out at Western Namoi Veterinary Services during the breeding season from August through until February. Services include:

  • Rectal ultrasonography
    • Follicle testing
    • Pregnancy testing from 14 days gestation
    • Uterine examinations
  • Caslick surgeries for mares with conformation abnormalities
  • Diagnosis and treatment of "Problem Mares" - referring to sub-fertile or infertile mares
  • Artificial insemination of mares with both frozen and fresh/chilled semen 


The development, growth and conformation of a horse’s mouth necessitates the need for regular dental examination (every 6-12 months).  Horses’ teeth wear unevenly over time which has potential to cause problems including dropping food (and consequent weight loss), ulceration/pain of the soft tissue of the mouth and discomfort when a bit or other riding device may be applied.

 A regular equine dental check up and treatment serves to:

  • Identify and treat congenital (present at birth)  or acquired oral defects
  • To assess tooth health and identify fractures or infection that may necessitate tooth extraction
  • To identify gingival (gum) disease
  • Float (artificially grind) sharp tooth surfaces that occur naturally over time in the equine mouth
  • To investigate and treat a horse’s resentment of a bit or similar restraint/riding device
  • To investigate and treat causes of food dropping or mastication (chewing) problems

When your horse is undergoing dental treatment it is important to update Tetanus prevention if you haven't in the last 12 months.  If tetanus prevention is not up-to-date, please ask your vet to assist you with this matter. 

All equine dental procedures are conducted in a horse crush at the Narrabri and Wee Waa Vet Clinics or using the mobile equine crush.  For added safety of the horse and the client/veterinarian, the use of sedation is always included in the protocol for such procedures.  

Routine Surgery /Procedures

Colt Castration is frequently carried out by the vets at WNVS.  This can be done on property and involves induction of the horse under general anaesthetic and the surgery carried out under field surgical conditions.  For enquiries relating to colt castration or other routine equine surgery, please do not hesitate to contact WNVS. 

Freeze Branding is also available and is a service regularly carried out by vets at WNVS. 

Lameness Exams

At WNVS our vets are equipped with the knowledge and diagnostic tools to help identify and treat many causes of lameness in your equine companion. With the recent purchase of a digital X-Ray machine we can now perform X-Rays on farm, making it easier for you, and your horse to get to the bottom of the issue.   

Emergency and Other

In the unfortunate event of an equine emergency WNVS provides 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, veterinary assistance.  You may contact either Narrabri or Wee Waa Veterinary Clinics (using the standard clinic phone numbers) at any time and outside of business hours you will automatically be directed through to the on call veterinarian.