Geriatric June

With the colder weather starting in you may notice your furry friend starting to slow down a little.

As pets get older they become prone to osteoarthritis, or arthritis. This means their joint cartilage is remodelling and changing resulting in pain. Animals tend to be more painful in the morning's when the temperature is colder. There are several things you can do to manage osteoarthritis including:

  • Weight loss: if your pet is overweight this puts added stress on their joints.

  • Warm and comfortable bedding

  • Gentle exercise: swimming is ideal, walking is also good. Want to avoid stop-start movements e.g. throwing a ball

  • Medications: there are several medications that can help your pet feel more comfortable

    • Cartrophen: an injection given at weekly intervals for 4 weeks then monthly as maintenance. Increases joint fluid – acts as a 'joint lubricant'

    • 4cyte: a feed additive that combines epiitalis and marine additives to also help 'lubricate the joints' – new evidence to suggest it helps to not only stave off arthritis but can be beneficial to the osteoarthritic joint

    • Anti-inflammatories: used to help control pain in the short term

    • Gabapentin: used to help with chronic pain

To help out our older friends during the month of June WNVS will be offering reduced rate arthritic consults, reduced rate blood testing (checks liver and kidney function), discounts on arthritic joint dog food and 4cyte.

If you are worried your dog is suffering from arthritis, please contact us and our friendly team will be happy to arrange an appointment.



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